October 27, 2017

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The Five Qualities of a Good Student

October 28, 2017

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The Five Qualities of a Good Student

October 28, 2017

This information is from a well-known Sanskrit Slokha (Text) that describes the five qualities of a person that make for a good student. They use analogies from the animal kingdom to convey the qualities in a descriptive and poetic way. When learning anything in life whether it be yoga or any new venture we can trust in these tools to guide us on the path to mastery and understanding.

काकचेष्टा बकोध्यानं श्वाननिद्रा तथैव च |
अल्पाहारी ब्रह्मचारी विद्यार्थी पञ्चलक्षणम् ||

Kaaka-chesh Taa Bako Dhyaanam

Shvaana-Nidraa Tathaiva Cha
Swalpa-Haari Grihtyaagi

Brahmachaari Vidyaarthee



Kaaka- The Agility, Alertness and Persistence of a Crow


Baka- The Concentration, Single Pointed Focus, and Patience of a Crane


Shvaana Nidra- Sleeping Lightly and Springing into Action Like a Dog


Swalpaa-Haari- Eating Lightly to Maintain Optimum Energy Level


Grihtyaagi- Be Ready to Live Away From Home (Ashram, Travel)


Brahmachaari- Not Wasting Energy on Unnecessary Actions or Thoughts


Vidyaarthee- Pursuing Knowledge, Intelligence or Information


Pancha- Five



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